Mauss International

N°3 | The Unconditional Share

Digital Journal


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Table of Contents – Mauss international Digital Journal, n°3

I – Presentation : The Unconditional Share
II – Mauss, the Gift, and Unconditionality

“Readings of Mauss, Mauss’ Readings”
    Carlo Ginzburg

“The Greatness of Marcel Mauss”
    Arpad Szakolczai

“The Importance of Something for Nothing”
    Alvin W. Gouldner

“For an Anthropology of Interhuman Relations in the Gift Key”
    Philippe Chanial

“’What you See is What You Do not Get’: Expressive Non-Occurrent Gifts and Shadow Gift Relations”
    Jacob Copeman and Dwaipayan Banerjee

“Ontology, Conviviality and Symbiosis or: Are there Gifts of Nature?”
    Frank Adloff

III – Anti-Utilitarian Offerings: Beyond Economicism

“What does it mean to be anti-utilitarian”
    Interview of Alain Caillé by Christian Lazzeri and Jean-Pierre Cléro

“’Utility in Question”
    Peter Wagner

“Can Economics Be a Science? Epistemology of economics”
    Robert Boyer

“A Colossus with Feet of Clay. When the Economic Imagination Runs out of Steam”
    Paul H. Dembinski

“Between Charity and Entitlement: Unconditional Basic Income as a Gift”
    Catarina Neves

IV – A Literary Companion

“These noble Houyhnhnms… (Gulliver’s Travels, chap. VIII)”
    Jonathan Swift

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