Mauss International

N°2 | The Gift in Movement

Digital Journal


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Table of Contents – Mauss international Digital Journal, n°2

I – Presentation : The Gift in Movement
II – Celebrating Forty Years of Intellectual Activism

“A Person in Movement: Alain Caillé”
      Frédéric Vandenberghe

“Recent Extensions of the Gift”
      Alain Caillé

“Critical Theory of the Gift: Paths and Programs of the MAUSS (1982-2022)”
      André Magnelli

“The Enduring Relevance of Mauss’ Essai sur le Don
      Jacques T. Godbout

III – Playing the Gift

“The Gift of the Jazz”
      Mark Osteen

“’Reciprocity is Evil’: Girard, Mauss, the Gift, and Love”
      Philippe Chanial

“Domestication and Husbandry: Between Gift and Debt”
      Jocelyne Porcher

“The Gift of Unalienated Labor”
      Iddo Tavory, Sonia Prelat and Shelly Ronen

IV – Moving with Grace

“The Grace Machine: Of Turns, Wheels and Limbs”
      Lars Spuybroek

“Gift and Grace: A Family to be Recomposed?”
      Camille Tarot

“Between the human and the social: the Third”
      Pierpaolo Donati

V – Northeast Passages

“Mauss or Bataille? Gift, Sacrifice, and Feasting Across China and the Northwest Coast”
      Mayfair Yang

“Granet, Mauss and China in the History of Social Theory”
      David A. Porcher

VI – Civilizational Analysis after (Post-)Colonialism

“Civilizational approaches and contemporary challenges”
      Johann P. Arnason

“The Emergence of a Critical Theory of Coloniality”
      Paulo Henrique Martins

“Towards a sociological archipelago? A reading of Critical Theory of Coloniality
      Stéphane Dufoix

VII – Civilizing Economics?

“Are Western Oligarchies a Long Detour of Civilization?”
      Michaël Hudson

“On the Theoretical and Practical Relevance of the Concept of Gift to the Development of a Non-Imperialist Economics”
      Mario A. Cedrini and Roberto Marchionatti

“For an institutionalist political economy. A quasi manifesto
    Robert Boyer, Alain Caillé and Olivier Favereau

“On Marcel Mauss: How to Engage with Humanity, including your Own”
      Keith Hart

VIII – Literary Supplement: The Teacher and the Prince

“Literature and the Good: Prince Myshkin, the Perfectly Beautiful Man”
      Michel Terestchenko

“Nothing but Facts”
      Charles Dickens

IX – Bibliography Complement

“Gift Research Across Disciplines (2000-2022): A Compilation Project and Open Invitation”
      Ilana F. Silber

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